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4 October 1985
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I'm 22, and I was born october 4th 1985. my name is Sica, I'm 5'9''ish, I'm bi (I don't fall in love with a gender.. I fall in love with a person), I live in boring ass Oklahoma. I don't claim to be goth, freak, punk, prep.. anything, I'm me.. I don't think I'm anything, but just me..

I'm TAKEN. Yep; That's right. & the greatest part.. is that I absolutely love it!!! I get to actually be myself for once in a relationship.. and we are perfection in the flesh. It's wonderful & I'm just living life with someone who makes me happier than I thought it was possible. His name is Brian & he lives with me. =o) We are amazing.. perfection in the flesh.

I used to go to college at University of Central Oklahoma, but we weren't been able to afford it; so I stopped going. I got accepted into ITT Tech & I start in March of 08. I am going to school for Graphic Design. I want to also learn web design [extremely well]; computer animation and game design.

I work at one job right now. I work at CHRISTIES TOY BOX [adult store] doing sales and such. I am the MANAGER of the store. I love that job. I'm saving up money to get an old Toyota MR2 [car] & get my new tattoo; as well as open my own business.

I'm addicted to tattoos and peircings.. I currently have 5 tattoos: a barcode, a normal shamrock, a tattered shamrock, a cheshire cat from the video game Alice, and a tribal.. I have pictures so if you want to see most of them, ask, and 8 body peircings-(tongue, rook, both of my nipples, two in my sternum/cleavage and two in my belly button) I plan on getting my lower back peirced 3 times.. (I want more peircings I just can't with jobs and such.) and I want at least 10 more tattoos..

Anyways, I love to sew and DIY is the shit. My mom got me a brand new sewing machine for XMAS05 and I haven't REALLY been able to use it. I AM in the process of creating a company for DIY/sewing but I have a LOT of prep work in order to get that going for me.. which it WILL.

My dad and I get along to get along. He is in denial and thinks everything that went wrong between us is all my fault. My mom has been there for me through thick and thin and I would be dead without her.. at least; I know I would be on the streets. I have her and WONDERFUL friends who help me get through some personal issues I need to get rid of in order to be where I need to be in life.

I post a lot about what I do that day, what goes on, any feelings I have... etc. I don't normally post quizzes, but I do sometimes when I'm EXTREMELY bored, yet they are all under a lj-cut along with any pictures I take. I don't comment as much as I should.. I read MOST entries written, but I don't neccessarily comment on them.. I only comment when I have something important to say.
dinosaurs, velociraptors, raptors, murder, pain, kill, serial killers [I know a lot about them.. so feel free to test me, or ask questions.], jeffrey dahmer, forensics, books, reading, movies, music, porn, sex, pornography, jenna jameson, tawny roberts, brittney skye, love, racing, cars, american muscle, cows, bananas, peircings, tattoos, kool aid, making friends, happiness, pictures, my little ponies, the snorks, fraggle rock, the smurfs, gummi bears [tv show and candy], paw paw bears, brackets instead of paranthesis!, california, skateboards and attempting to ride them.. [well; do tricks on them; I can roll around], the beach, heat - it has to be above 90 degrees for me to get hot, halloween, st. patties day, alcohol, my pets - 4 dogs & 2 cats, fruit!, chicken & turkey [the only two meats that I eat] wo0t rythme!, math and doing math problems [it's a weird obsession], poetry, chocolate, strawberry cake with vanilla icing, strawberry chocolate shake, food in general, olive garden, ihop, juice, hawaiian punch
body wash, ricers, imports, fish, birds, jackhammers, heights, death, "god", my humanities teacher, feet, soda, lubrication, gooey condoms, money, depression, people who bring you down because they are down [my life isn't great, but I don't drag people down.], insanely happy people.. [the people whose best friend died -- and they find the good side to it.], Bush [as in, the president. =o|], my mother, oklahoma, dark, cold, christmas, snow, the color orange - unless matched with a groovilicious color, drugs, smoking, cigars, small dogs, animal abuse, child abuse, green beans, peas, most meat, SLOW DRIVERS!, tampons & pads, not eating, liars, cheaters, stealers, the navy [personal reasons], the war [I support the soldiers, not the war!]
This is my USUAL schedule at my job; it changes depending on what people want off and such.
Wednesday: 8:35a-5:00p
Thursday: 8:35a-5:00p
Friday: 8:35a-5:00p
Saterday: OFF
Sunday: OFF
Monday: 8:35a-5:00p
Tuesday: 8:35a-5:00p
EMAIL: criezblaktearz@aol.com
AIM: criezblaktearz
YAHOO: xpopsicax
MSN: pinknerdrope@hotmail.com
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